From little acorns …

So where did it all start?

Back in 1997, our MSP (or IT support company as it was known then) was born.

Over the years Prompt PC has gone through all of the technological changes that goes with this terrain.

The biggest game changer came about when Microsoft announced that there wasn’t going to be a replacement for the ever popular SBS 2011, as they were replacing it with something called Office 365.

At the time, Prompt PC had over 150 clients with SBS servers, but following Andrew Eardley’s (MD of Prompt PC and one of the directors of MSP Easy Tools) jolly to Manchester for a Microsoft seminar all about Office 365, he came back to tell the entire Prompt PC team that the business had to change today.
So, over the next three years, Prompt PC stepped up the game to become Microsoft Office 365 Gold Partners and specialists in small and mid-market cloud solutions. As we went along this journey, we kept running into technical and security problems with Office 365, that Microsoft just couldn’t/wouldn’t fix. When these problems occurred, we initially went to the market place for solutions, but either ran into prohibitively expensive fixes or just couldn’t find anything available.

In the end, we spent considerable time, effort, money and intellectual skills to develop the tools to fix these issues.

Now fast forward several years: we have joined an MSP mastermind group that meets once a month to discuss how to grow our MSP businesses. With over a dozen MSPs from all across the UK, we end up talking about marketing, staff, clients and obviously IT issues. The other MSPs discussed problems they were having with Office 365 and we would turn around and say that we didn’t have those issues because we had developed a tool to fix them.

It didn’t take the MSPs very long to start to ask if they could have the tools from us. However, the tools had been developed specifically for Prompt PC and so weren’t ready for others to use.

Over the last 18 months, we have completely rewritten the tools into MSP Easy Tools (which is a totally separate business in its own right) to ensure that we can’t see or have access to any of the MSPs clients’ information.

Today we now sell MSP Easy Tools across the world.

Meet The Family

Glenn Evans: The Creator and Director

Glenn is a perfectionist, which we all know can be a failing, but NOT in the world of computing and cybersecurity. Armed with his highly analytical computational mind, he finds nothing better than proving that something can be done when others may well say it’s impossible.

With this in mind, he has created all of the highly complex programming from scratch behind MSP Easy Tools. He’s also Jean’s little brother (although he’s 6ft 3″ tall, so she does have to look up to him!) Armed with a string of outstanding mathematical and computer science degrees, Glenn strangely decided he was going to teach for over 20 years. (It wouldn’t have anything to do with the holidays would it? 🙂 )

Even though Glenn was Head of Maths, he decided he wanted a change of career and joined his big sister in Prompt PC. We’re all so glad he did as without him we wouldn’t have the in-house programming genius of MSP Easy Tools. Glenn is an avid family man and the driving passion behind all he does is for his wife, son and daughter, oh yes and not forgetting their little dog, Monty.

Jean Eardley: Marketing Guru and Director

Jean is the social bee and marketing guru behind MSP Easy Tools. She has worked in the very male dominated MSP environment for over 20 years and understands exactly what both the MSP and their customers need. She makes sure that customers are looked after and they have the right marketing resources to get more business. She was the one who went to Glenn and asked for a solution to One Drive and SharePoint sync issues because she recognised that this could eliminate a huge proportion of the support calls instantly. From this request, PromptMapper was born. Strangely enough, Jean was also a teacher, like her brother Glenn, but specialised in Literacy – being an English graduate herself. So, that’s Maths and English fully covered across these two key players.

Jean loves making sure things are presented correctly and tick all the grammar boxes. Some may even say, she’s a bit anal about that! 🙂

She also happens to be married to Andrew, and despite working together across two businesses are still very happily married. Awwww

Andrew Eardley: Sales Aficionado and Director

Andrew is in his element when he is helping other businesses to grow and develop. Nothing is ever too much trouble, with ‘givers gain’ being his mantra. Having run a successful MSP for the last twenty plus years, Andrew knows all there is to know about the issues that are faced in this role. So, if he can make someone’s life easier, he’ll do it willingly. Andrew will keep annoying Glenn with requests to create tools or reports to make things simpler for him as an MSP, which in turn is for our MSP Easy Tools customers. He consistently tests Glenn’s patience with his pedantic demands to ensure that the tools work in a specific way because he knows that’s how the MSP would want and need it.

With a strong background in business management and ownership, Andrew makes sure that the business remains focussed on working on the right things at the right time and of course in dealing with those sales demos.

Working with his wife, Jean and having three grown up daughters, he’s self-taught how to keep his head down and just get on. Or was that keep out of the way! 😉

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