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Why we do what we do

It is said that Necessity is the Mother of all invention, and so it turned out for us.

MSP Easy Tools was borne out of a need we had as an IT support business (MSP) to tackle a serious, growing problem that threatened our business reputation and survival.

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Office 365 security for your business

After moving all of our IT business support customers to Office 365 cloud services and becoming Microsoft Gold Partners in this area, we spotted Office 365 security weaknesses.

We wanted to protect our small and medium business clients’ systems, but all too frequently we realised that it didn’t matter what hardware/software we put in place, it was all useless if end users inadvertently gave away their user names and passwords. It was just as if they’d given the key to the business front door and all its confidential data.

What’s more with cybercriminals gaining access to Office 365 systems and then hiding there until the opportune moment to strike, be it in the middle of an email chain to a customer requesting some hefty payment – with bank details changed to theirs – things were becoming very scary.

We were afraid of cybercriminals gaining access to our MSP and our customers, so days were fraught with fire-fighting, security checks and lots of sleepless nights.

We knew we couldn’t go on like this and looked for systems to keep our customers safe from these targeted cybercrime attacks on end users.

We couldn’t be sitting over every one of our customers and all their users 24/7 365 making sure that they didn’t fall prey to a socially engineered scam to fool them into giving away Office 365 credentials. But, we needed something that could do this – quickly, systematically and consistently AND without costing the earth.

Marketplace searches either draw a blank or revealed very expensive solutions for only a tiny offering.

So, we set about creating our own Tools to significantly improve the MSP’s workload whilst simultaneously helping them to sleep easier. We put the constant, monitored real-time checks in place with regular reporting straight to the MSP. Things that a cybercriminal couldn’t take out. Things to make the MSP win and become the hero in their customers’ eyes.

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And it didn't stop there . . .

We even went a step further and gave the MSP a ‘click of a button’ helpdesk problem fixer for o365 security. Now 1st line engineers could solve 3rd line jobs rapidly.

It didn’t take long for other MSPs who we met at our business ‘mastermind’ meetings to ask for the Tools.

So, we developed them into a complete, highly secure package for sale to other IT support companies just like us. Hence, MSP Easy Tools was borne and now sells these security and productivity Tools across the world.

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Our overwhelming driver is to create a safer, easier more rewarding lifestyle for all MSPs.
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