Standard Package

When you want a little bit more …

Includes 12 powerful stand-alone tools to really show that your MSP is an expert with Office 365 security. With Office 365 customer license tracking, you’ll make sure you never miss out on billing your customers correctly AND it’s all done in minutes.

These are the same 12 brilliant tools that are in the Pro package, but the big difference on the Standard Package is that you have to manually run the reports, so you’re not getting continuous monitoring. If you want to sleep sound at night knowing that everything is working automatically in the background to keep your customers safe, then just hop up a package to Pro and it’s all done for you 24/7/365.

However, for those of you who want to:

• Only sign in once because you’re sick of keep entering passwords lots of times in the Lite version
• Effortlessly make sure you’re on top of your customers’ Office 365 billing
• Grow your Office 365 customers before taking on a more expensive product
• Earn some more monthly recurring revenue to boost cashflow
• Rapidly remove and block suspicious users from the Tools
• Turn on/change MFA with a simple button click

You’ll only really see the sheer brilliance and ease of these Tools when you use them, so book a free trial now.

How can you afford not to take it!

So, what's included?

A description and short video about the tools in the Standard Package

Login Tracker

Run this captivating report to reveal the number of logins on yours/your customers Office 365 accounts: both successful and unsuccessful attempts shown. You’ll be stunned by the number of fraudulent targeted attacks that will be revealed.

A fantastic tool for educating customers/prospects why they need your security services.

Unlike in the Lite version, the login tracker works from single sign in: just one sign into the whole system and that’s it – you won’t be pestered again!

Standard and Pro Security Report

When you need to know all there is to know about your Office 365 accounts, this ingenious report delivers. No stone is left unturned. From mailbox shares, to forwarder, admins … the list goes on.

Solicitors, financial companies – regulated industries in particular – love this for ticking all the boxes.
N.B. Unlike in the Lite version, this works with single sign in.

Single sign in (without this you need to keep re-entering your Office 365 login details)

If the Lite package drives you crazy because you have to keep submitting your Office 365 credentials, the Standard Package takes all that away, with just one simple single sign in to access the reports/functions you need.

Couldn’t be easier!

Admin Tracker Report

In the wrong hands, admin roles can be very dangerous. Run this handy report to make sure only the people who should have admin roles actually have them.

All at the click of a button. Nice!

External Forwarding Report

The place that cybercriminals love to hide is in email forwarding. This clever tool checks all of the places they can secretly set up a forwarder and lets you know if any are found.

Yes, there is literally no stone left unturned.

License Tracker Report

This is a real time saver when preparing customer Office 365 monthly invoices.

A simple click of a button shows your Office 365 customers’ licences with allocated users. Takes away the pain of having to deal with this otherwise mundane and lengthy task.

Partner Tenant Names

As tenant names in Office 365 are not always the same as company name, it can be a real pain. So, when you need it, just a click of this handy Tool and hey presto!

All is revealed!

Tenant ID and Company Name Finder

Quite simply a brilliant prospecting tool. Click and check if a prospect is using Office 365, so you know how to market to them. If they are, it will show their tenant ID and publicly registered company name.

Takes away the guesswork and saves you time.

Admin Roles and User Blocker

Both a time-saving and invaluable security tool, which checks all admins in Office 365 and goes further in allowing you to add/remove at the click of a button. And, of course if you spot a suspicious one, you can click and block instantly.

Safe and secure.

Unified Audit Log Enabler

As Microsoft keeps track of everything that happens in Office 365 if you have the unified audit log turned on, you don’t want to faff around trying to get this activated. This tool enables you to do this really easily.


Multi Factor Authentication Tool

This tool simply takes away the pain of setting up MFA – just click and all done for you. It also lets you enforce modern authentication so that apps, like Outlook, just work seamlessly with MFA.

A vital security requirement made simple!

Set Launch Permissions

We know you have different levels of staff all with varying skillsets and responsibilities, so it’s only right that you should be able to control what each member of your team can do with the tools. That is exactly what you can do with this tool. You can choose who is able to activate certain features, turn on/off services … so that you are in control of your business.

Just the way it should be!

How can you afford not to take it!

So, just to remind you, here’s the difference between each package:

All of the services in the Pro Package that offer an alert also come with an approve/remove tool, so you aren’t left to your own devices, but can do something about it straight away. The right tool is always at hand.

FREE 1 Month Trial

MSP Easy Tools is proven with hundreds of businesses. We are so confident that you will love the products that we offer everyone a FREE 1 month’s trial of the Pro and Standard versions.

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