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Pro Package

When only the best will do …

Includes all of the fantastic standalone tools in Lite and Standard Packages, but with a whole additional suite of automated tooling too!

With this top package, you can be sure yours and your customers’ Office 365 accounts are vigilantly monitored and alerted against any malicious activity. Nothing is left to chance as it’s all automated and working 24/7/365, even when you’re sleeping.

With more really useful tools being added all the time AND marketing and sales materials to swipe and deploy, you can’t lose!

So for those of you who want to: 

Have complete reassurance that Office 365 monitoring is totally covered
Get on with running your business whilst the essential alerts run automatically
Make sure that no potential security breach gets missed
Demonstrate to your customers that you really have their backs, with the automated email alerts
Know that you’re covered 24/7/365
Have all the bells and whistles because only the best will do for you business 

Then the Pro Package is the right one for you. Book a free trial today to start increasing your monthly recurring revenue, keeping yours and your customers systems safe and getting that deep, relaxing sleep you deserve.

So, what`s included?

Login Tracker Report

Run this captivating report to reveal the number of logins on yours/your customers Office 365 accounts: both successful and unsuccessful attempts shown. You’ll be stunned by the number of fraudulent targeted attacks that will be revealed.

A fantastic tool for educating customers/prospects why they need your security services.

Unlike in the Lite version, the login tracker works from single sign in: just one sign into the whole system and that’s it – you won’t be pestered again!

Standard and Pro Security Report.

When you need to know all there is to know about your Office 365 accounts, this ingenious report delivers. No stone is left unturned. From mailbox shares, to forwarder, admins … the list goes on.

Solicitors, financial companies – regulated industries in particular – love this for ticking all the boxes.

Works from single sign on and allows the ability to send batch reports to customers from one single click, saving your precious time.

Single sign in (without this you need to keep re-entering your Office 365 login details)

If the Lite package drives you crazy because you have to keep submitting your Office 365 credentials, this package takes all that away, with just one simple single sign in to access the reports/functions you need.

Couldn’t be easier!

Admin Tracker Report

You know an admin account has the most power and so can cause the most damage in the wrong hands. You will know when any new admin account or changes are made to yours/your customers Office 365 accounts.

If it’s not meant to be there: get shot – quickly!

In addition to this, you can also choose to have an automated weekly admin report emailed to your customers of all their admins. This is great to make sure someone hasn’t been added and forgotten to be removed.

External Forwarding Report

Get a quick, easy and thorough report of all the places external forwarders are set up in yours/your customers Office 365. It also includes the hidden ones – these are a great hiding spot for cybercriminals.

A great tool to demo with potential new customers: give yourself the edge!

License Tracker Report

This is a real time saver when preparing customer Office 365 monthly invoices.

A simple click of a button shows your Office 365 customers’ licences with allocated users. Takes away the pain of having to deal with this otherwise mundane and lengthy task.

Partner Tenant Names

As tenant names in Office 365 are not always the same as company name, it can be a real pain. So, when you need it, just a click of this handy Tool and hey presto!

All is revealed!

Tenant ID and Company Name Finder

Quite simply a brilliant prospecting tool. Click and check if a prospect is using Office 365, so you know how to market to them. If they are, it will show their tenant ID and publicly registered company name.

Takes away the guesswork and saves you time.

Admin Roles and User Blocker

Both a time-saving and invaluable security tool, which checks all admins in Office 365 and goes further in allowing you to add/remove at the click of a button. And, of course if you spot a suspicious one, you can click and block instantly.

Safe and secure.

Unified Audit Log Enabler

Don’t leave to chance that the Office 365 Audit log is activated in tracking activity on yours/your customers Office 365. If something goes wrong, you need to know what happened.

Relax! It’s sorted with this clever Tool. 

Multi Factor Authentication Tool

This tool simply takes away the pain of setting up MFA – just click and all done for you. It also lets you enforce modern authentication so that apps, like Outlook, just work seamlessly with MFA.

A vital security requirement made simple!

Set Launch Permissions

We know you have different levels of staff all with varying skillsets and responsibilities, so it’s only right that you should be able to control what each member of your team can do with the tools. That is exactly what you can do with this tool. You can choose who is able to activate certain features, turn on/off services … so that you are in control of your business.

Just the way it should be!

Self Service Tool

This brilliant system allows you to be in control of what you offer to your customers. It’s really simple to use by just selecting and deselecting tick boxes to activate the features you want.

It also produces a report of all the services you have sold your customers to make sure you are invoicing correctly.
Puts you in the driving seat!

Location Monitoring and Alerts

Cybercriminals are rarely sitting in your office, so you can exclude this location from giving alerts, but safely monitor other areas so you know straight away of any fraudulent logins to your Office 365 accounts.

Spoofing Protection

You know your customers will thank you for taking away the guesswork over whether an email is safe or not. Everyone wants an easier life, don’t they?

With a clear banner message showing Emma in Accounts that Pete in Despatch did not actually send that email asking for a fast payment for new stock, nothing is left to chance! 

Email Forwarding Alerts

You need to know if email forwarders have been set up and with this you will! What’s more, with a simple click of a button, you can accept or reject the forwarder.

Even when cybercriminals try to set up forwarders in hidden places, they are rooted out.

Stop Inbox Forwarding

One of the simplest ways cybercriminals operate is by putting an external forwarder on your email inbox. Don’t worry about setting complex rules in exchange to stop this, just tick a box and it’s all taken care of – every time.

One less thing to worry about!

New Admin Alerts

Stop cybercriminals from sitting hidden in your system in the guise of a new admin account. MSP Easy Tools constantly monitors and alerts for new admins, so if one is spotted, you can check it out and stamp it out if you need to.

Nowhere to hide!

New Transport Rule Alerts

These hidden rules sit in the back end of exchange and automatically forward emails out of the business without you being able to find them, unless you have the time, knowledge and resource to be able to check for them throughout the day.

Our clever tool does this for you and if it finds any it notifies you of exactly what and where they are! Always in the know!

New Mail Enabled Groups Alerts

A distribution group with an external email address is an way for cybercriminals to get emails sent from out of the business.

So, every time a new mail enabled group is created with an external email address, you are notified. Better safe than sorry!

Licence Change Alerts

What a pain keeping track of when licences get changed in Office 365. So, every time a licence is added or removed, you get immediate notification: details company name, date, time of change, license detail and change status.

So nice to be kept in the picture isn’t it!

Monthly Licence Report

Isn’t it a pain when customers call up asking for lists of licenses and who they are allocated to?

Obviously, your CSP doesn’t provide this and in order to find out you have to trawl through the Microsoft portal. Tedious? Time consuming?

Not anymore! Just click the monthly license report tab and your customer will receive an automated report on the 1st of every month showing their current paid licenses and who they are allocated to.

Proactive and professional!

Customise Alerts

You know how you talk to your customers better than anyone, that’s why you can change the alerts and messages that they receive from the system to say exactly what you want them to.

All with your own company logos too. What could be better!


A fantastic Tool for keeping your helpdesk calls down and seriously increasing your monthly recurring revenue.
Clients will love working just like they used to without any hiccups. 
N.B. With pro version, you also get a management and licensing tool that allows you to add and remove licenses and also ensure users only gain access to areas they are allowed to.

We suggest selling/licensing this per user across your entire Office 365 customer base. Do the sums! Nice!

So, just to remind you, here’s the difference between each package:

All of the services in the Pro Package that offer an alert also come with an approve/remove tool, so you aren’t left to your own devices, but can do something about it straight away. The right tool is always at hand.

FREE 1 Month Trial
MSP Easy Tools is proven with hundreds of businesses. We are so confident that you will love the products that we offer everyone a FREE 1 month’s trial of the Pro and Standard versions.

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