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So, what’s the price?

With really simple, fixed, sensible monthly pricing, you can confidently scale knowing that your monthly costs won’t increase. Find out more by visiting Our Packages page.

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We’ve made our pricing really simple

One price gives you access to all of the Tools irrespective of package (with the exception of the Unlimited, which also includes an additional Tool detailed in the packages page).
The only differentiator is how many of your tenants you can run the real-time automated monitoring and alerting tools on.  All other tools are unrestricted at all levels.

However, you can start small, protecting your own MSP and adding on just a couple of tenants to simply prove to yourself that it works. We know it does and our MSPs in every continent across the world are testament to this, but we want you to feel confident too and this model lets you scale sensibly and affordably.
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The price of each package:

Price per month (+vat where applicable)
Your Own MSP and an additional number of tenants as detailed:

How much do I charge my customers?

This is entirely down to you. However, we will give you a sales and marketing session during your trial to show you how you can price the Tools to get the right monthly recurring revenue. We’ll also take you through the proven steps to achieve this and give you the white-labelled resources to get straight on with selling.

Guarantee: You will earn significantly more than your monthly charge if you apply this system. 

How long do I have to commit for?

MSP Easy Tools was developed by an MSP for an MSP and one of the things we hated was having to commit to long contracts. We really wanted to be able to leave if we didn’t like the product.
Therefore, our Tools work exactly on that basis. You simply pay on a month-by-month. If you’re not happy, you won’t hang around. We really don’t want to make you stay by forcing you to. The ease, usability, time-saving and profitability of these Tools will speak for themselves to make you want to stay. That’s why we have such high retention rates with our MSPs worldwide.

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Get 1 Month FREE Trial

Don’t take our word for it though. Book a demo and gain a FREE month’s trial to see for yourself. As we’re onboarding you and giving you all the sales and marketing, you really have nothing to lose.

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