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MSP Easy Tools comes in 3 handy packages to suit your pocket.

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All of the services in the Pro Package that offer an alert also come with an approve/remove tool, so you aren’t left to your own devices, but can do something about it straight away. The right tool is always at hand.

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FREE Trial Available

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FREE 1 Month Trial
MSP Easy Tools is proven with hundreds of businesses. We are so confident that you will love the products that we offer everyone a FREE 1 month’s trial of the Pro and Standard versions.

Testimonials from our clients

"PromptMapper has been brilliant for our business."

It has allowed us to keep working just the way we used to and without having to constantly use the Microsoft portal or suffer sync issues. It just works and lets us get on with our work – what could be better!
As for the security tools, I run a wealth management business and need to know if my systems are at risk. I put in the very best tools to make sure my clients and my business is kept safe and secure. It's great when I get emails from the security alerts system saying everything is fine, but just the same I know I'd be notified instantly if they weren't. I suppose you could say, the security checks give me the confidence to just get on with running my business knowing that someone's watching out for me and my business. You'd be crazy not to take it!!

Tony Castrey, Wealth Management

"I sleep much better at night knowing that my systems are being monitored by MSP Easy Tools"


Jill Slater, Anthony Short and Partners

"Our business has been using the Office 365 security tools and PromptMapper for well over 12 months now."

I have found them to be a real asset in making sure our systems are kept safe. We value our clients far too much to leave things to chance. There are too many ways that a cybercriminal can gain entry into office systems these days and we need to know about it before any damage can be done.
Location monitoring has just recently protected us from two possible breaches. As soon as the suspicious activity was spotted, we could act to take it down. Without these alerts, we just wouldn't have known until it was too late.
PromptMapper has enabled us to access our business documents the way we want to, without always having to go to the Microsoft portal. We no longer have to worry about sync issues, duplicate documents and the whole headache that goes with it.
The benefits have proved invaluable to our business.

David Nolan, Associate Director

"MSP Easy Tools, is an awesome product that has helped us protect our customers while in lockdown"

"It has also allowed us to leverage the customers who refused to implement 2FA, when we showed them their mailbox had been accessed from China. It is great to work with a supplier who is agile enough to take feature requests and turn them around very quickly.

Since using the product I have seen extensive updates (Enhancements), teamed in with great support, this is a must product for any MSP that supplies and maintains Office 365 environments.

It’s a shame we have to share it.. Just kidding, it should be part of your toolkit in the fight against cybercrime."

David Straiton, business owner Digiserve Communications, Cambridgeshire, UK

"Keep up the great work!"

I wanted to congratulate you on your great product, we have found it relatively easy to sell, and margins are high – in particular, that your pricing plan is for unlimited customers.

 One of the most significant challenges with Office 365 is its breadth and depth, and this is more apparent than ever when it comes to security. Your MSP Easy Tools offering – takes away all of the complications, (granted there is still some basic admin/housekeeping required), and provides a nice easy interface for us to manage our customers.

Furthermore, you and your team are forever releasing updates to keep the product relevant 🙂

Rory and the team @ CyberSecuritiesUK

"We have been using MSP Easy Tools for just over 6 months and we have found it an invaluable tool in the support of our Office 365 customer base"

It allows our technicians to spend more time on support request rather than tedious checking of security settings in Office 365 accounts. The live security reporting was just what we wanted and having the ability to send out weekly updates to our customer proves we are there watching their backs.

The pricing model is good, we have easily & quickly recovered our monthly cost by selling this as an essential cybersecurity addon to all our Office 365 customers. So far not one of our customers have said no to having this service. Support from Glenn has been nothing but fantastic, he has regularly replied to support emails out of hours and any suggested improvements have been implemented within days.

A great product, a great team, I can highly recommend them both!

David Lloyd, Owner Norbrook Direct Ltd T/A Bluebox integration.

"The real benefit is that you have multiple monitoring tools all in one tool"

It makes life a lot easier to spot external forwarding rules, which instantly was a benefit for us and one of our customers (inbox rule to private email).

I also often use the Audit reporting, because it instantly gives me an overview of the customer.

We will also use the Audit report in the quarterly business review with the customer. The tool contains a lot more, but haven’t tested everything just yet.

Another great thing about this tool. We just got a customer that got email hacked. With this tool I could enable everything very fast and also run the report so that we quickly had a view of the whole environment and block users.

Martijn Bakker, RADIX, Amsterdam

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We've been asked by our MSP members not to share pricing on our website. Always happy to oblige. Just give us your details and once we've checked that you are really an MSP, we'll get back to you with all you need to know. Not being awkward, just making life easier for you in the long run. :-)

We've been asked by our MSP members not to share pricing on our website. Always happy to oblige. Just give us your details and once we've checked that you are really an MSP, we'll get back to you with all you need to know. Not being awkward, just making life easier for you in the long run. :-)