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You all know the power of MSP Easy Tools and how much time and grief it saves you. Well, fantastic news! We now have a bolt-on Tool kit that means your first line support staff (yes that even means your apprentices) can now perform highly complicated PowerShell commands at the click of a button.
MicroMonty is a fully graphical PowerShell command kit, that was designed initially for our own in-house IT team to stop our third-line support engineers being disturbed. The results have been phenomenal freeing up so much of their time to do the projects where we really earn our money.
What’s more, customers are absolutely delighted that their problems are fixed within a couple of minutes. Problems that previously would have had to be escalated and incur long waiting times. Remove the pain of having one ‘super’ engineer who is the only one who knows how to fix or use PowerShell. Or having to browse Google for complex scripts that must then be laboriously input. We all know they’re never filed away safely too, so you have to go through the whole process again next time it arises. Sound like fun? Thought not! What’s more, as you are a subscriber to MSP Easy Tools, we know you love the fact that with single sign in you can manage all of your customers in your Microsoft portal.

Well, guess what? Yes, that’s right: you can now do exactly the same with MicroMonty. This has taken years of laborious programming and tens of thousands of lines of painstaking code. BUT, it’s now ready! Woohoo!!! Just sign in with your Office 365 credentials and you can fully administer frequently requested, yet complex tasks for each of your customer tenants.

Here’s a few examples of what the Tools can do:

• Setting ‘out of office’ notifications without even having to get onto the client’s computer
• Forcing a log out of all (or just one) users in any particular tenant en masse within seconds
• Calendar sharing and permissions is a complete doddle
• Setting send as permissions at the tick of a box
• Reset regional configuration for everyone at once (or individually) – no problem!
• Pesky customer password changes and policies within seconds
• And lots more, including things that you can’t normally do even with PowerShell!

In addition, if you have a fantastic script and would like to see it implemented, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do. There are currently over 70 utilities and growing regularly. Suggestions are always welcome!

So, what’s the damage?

And the price for this fantastic full suite of fixing tools is just £75 per month for unlimited users, as long as you are an MSP Easy Tools Standard or Pro subscriber.

But, great news! Before you have to pay us a penny, we’re going to give you a full month for free – starting from right now!

You know it’s a no-brainer. What are you waiting for – try it out, free up your staff and WOW your customers.

It’s up to you how you work.

You could go through the long, complex and frustratingly annoying task of mastering PowerShell, as in the example below to enable MFA for all users:

Or just click a button…

Whatever works for you!
Yes, I tend to agree. 😉

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