Lite Package

When you need to keep the cost down

Includes two fantastically powerful tools that can really make your MSP business stand head and shoulders above your competitors, whilst boosting your MRR and peace of mind.

These are the same two brilliant tools that are in the
Standard and Pro packages, but the big difference on the Lite Package is that you have to enter your authentication details several times to get your reports. If this is a pain, you can hop up a package to Standard and you’ll only have to sign in once.

However, for those of you who want to:

• Start the ball rolling immediately
• Take a taster without speaking to anyone
• Grow your Office 365 customers before taking on a more expensive product
• Earn some more monthly recurring revenue to boost cashflow
• Have a powerful report to take to that all important business meeting first thing tomorrow.

Whatever your reason, don’t underestimate the power in this Lite package. Worth way more than what is being charged.

How can you afford not to take it!

MSP Easy Tools explained…

A description and short video about the tools in the Lite Package

Lite Login Tracker Report

Run this captivating report to reveal the number of logins on yours/your customers Office 365 accounts: both successful and unsuccessful attempts shown. You’ll be stunned by the number of fraudulent targeted attacks that will be revealed.

A fantastic tool for educating customers/prospects why they need your security services.

Lite Security Report

When you need to know all there is to know about your Office 365 accounts, this ingenious report delivers. No stone is left unturned. From mailbox shares, to forwarder, admins … the list goes on.

Solicitors, financial companies – regulated industries in particular – love this for ticking all the boxes.

How can you afford not to take it!

Remember, once you’ve tried, you can always upgrade.

All of the services in the Pro Package that offer an alert also come with an approve/remove tool, so you aren’t left to your own devices, but can do something about it straight away. The right tool is always at hand.

FREE 1 Month Trial

MSP Easy Tools is proven with hundreds of businesses. We are so confident that you will love the products that we offer everyone a FREE 1 month’s trial of the Pro and Standard versions.

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